It is a funny title for me considering I’m having trouble with both the writing and the boats. I started a ceramic boat series a few months ago. It has halted completely due to the class I began teaching September 2. The writing I am doing is totally restricted to anything for class or work. Well, that’s not entirely true. I snuck in a couple entries in the Trifecta challenge these last two weeks.

The Class

Designing a class takes much time and my financial planner is not happy about that because it does not pay. Oh sure, I get paid for teaching the class, grading the papers, etc. But really, the amount of hours I have been putting in relegates me to a lower than minimum wage. Ah, such is the price of education.

I’ve worked in education for almost thirty years in some capacity, so I am no stranger to the hours involved in relation to the pay. I am enjoying this class very much. I have two sections; I thought I would at least get paid a little more for doing all the prep work for one class. I have gotten much more than that, however. My two classes could not be more different in so many ways, thus enhancing the quality of my learning.

Well, as they say, all work and no play…

The Need to Write

I definitely started to feel the need to write as week five of the class carried me with it and confusion and fear settled into my students. We had all reached the end of the honeymoon period. The only way I could think to make it through the muck following that was to do something quick and frivolous. Trifecta called me and I answered.

Personally, I love nonfiction writing, editing, and consulting. I love research and everything involved with it. I am not a proverbial lab rat, though.  Eventually, I need to feed other parts of me. It was amazing how much it helped to simply write 99 words or 33 words. I’m also looking forward to getting my hands stuck in clay for a bit. I need just a bit sometimes. Meanwhile, it’s off to completing this week’s lesson plans. Keep writing!!