Accuracy and customer satisfaction are my primary goals.


Funding and business proposals

Research documents

I do not write content for people trying to get school credit for the work. I make the distinction between editing and writing here. If you are working on a paper or document for school, I will edit it but will not write content for you.

Editing Any Document/Manuscript

Basic editing includes grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.
I tighten your writing, offering the most efficient use of words.

More in-depth editing includes reading for flow and structure. This is content work, but I offer suggestions and ask questions for clarity and transition ease. In the end, it is still your writing.

Developmental editing I help you put the pieces together. After our first meeting (by phone or in person), the right questions will be answered and the path to the end will be clarified (see larger heading below).

Writing problems – need language streamlining, motivation to continue, help with direction, or organizational assistance? Together we can make those happen.

An experienced set of eyes – I can give your work a fresh look and highlight its strengths as well as aid in the revision process.

Subject matter – I am experienced in many subject areas, some of which include the following: memoirs, online written material, mechanical engineering, education, art, electrical and electronic engineering, computer software engineering, social work, chemistry and biological sciences, economics, human resources, anthropology, public policy and administration, and fiction.

Formatting Documents/Books

Need to submit to a new journal with new guidelines? Don’t have the time to learn the formatting rules? I am an expert in formatting, having had experience with nearly 10 specific styles of formatting. It is all about how the document/manuscript looks. Formatting includes page numbers and margins; preliminary pages; tables of contents; headings and chapter titles; references and citations; figures, pictures, and graphs; and back matter, such as the index and any appendices, if applicable.

I am proficient in APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian styles. I am experienced in other styles including ASA and CSA. Let me rid you of the formatting headache so you can concentrate on more important things like content.

Developmental Editing

With a basic concept of where you want to go with your manuscript, we can work together to formulate the structure. I can help define necessary steps and goals, provide examples, assist you with structure and design, and help you flesh out the material. Whether you have parts written or just in your head, the pieces will fall into place via my process of developmental editing.


Comprehensive indexing of any document in Word or PDF format. This may be done with index entries either from you or generated by me.

Turn-around Time

Turn-around times vary depending on client needs and the condition of the document. Many services may be expedited for an additional fee (subject to availability). I always strive to work with you and have your document completed on time so you meet your deadlines.

Typical times:
Non-peak season – 1 week
Peak season (April-May, November-December) – 10-14 days