I, Meredith Linden, help you create and develop documents/manuscripts for any occasion. Types of work include academic, fiction, Your Editormemoir, and non-fiction. I’ve worked in subject areas such as education, social sciences, software engineering, chemistry, public policy, and mechanical and electrical engineering (EEE).

My Style

I maintain your voice to create a document you want to present or submit. I work with you to ensure the document satisfies you and your needs, as it is a collaborative effort at your comfort level. What you need is what you get, and I care about your input. You will notice a difference when you receive your document from Meredith Linden. Perhaps you’ll see word choice changes, enhanced scholarly quality, or tighter composition.

My Philosophy

Client satisfaction is my priority, and I have tricks up my sleeve. Since 1994, a huge word-of-mouth following going beyond state borders has been steadily growing. If you tell me you don’t think you can write, get ready for a chat. I believe a person’s thought that he or she cannot write most often stems from being told that by someone of power. My developmental editing has helped clients move on to finish their documents on their own with confidence. I specialize in topic diversity as well as English-as-a-second-language (ESL) writing. By the end of our sessions, clients are writing with new-found fortitude.

Academic Documents

I specialize in academic documents such as books, dissertations, theses, term papers, and projects. In the case of post-secondary students, my writing consulting helps clients understand what their professors or committees are asking of them. I have working relationships with many universities, public and private, allowing me to assist my clients through the process of submission, not just editing. I do the work so your transition from start to submission is seamless and smooth.


I am a professional writer and editor but spend my personal time writing nonfiction blogs, fiction, poetry, and entering fiction contests online. I am also a three-dimensional artist, both solo and collaborative. I enjoy my quality time with my family of people and pets and at the beach.